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Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate

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Soothe over-reactive and sensitive skin with our Eucalyptus Cleaning Concentrate. This low-foaming gel cleanser combines the antiseptic qualities of eucalyptus with the calming properties of lavender.

Size: 125ml

Put 5p size amount of cleanser into palm of hand and add a few drops of water. Mix between palms and massage into skin, ideally for 2 minutes. Remove with clean, damp cloth or rinse thoroughly.

Skin Type / Concern

Oily, Acne

• Eucalyptus: antiseptic and restorative agent

• Soap Base (free of sodium lauryl sulphate): cleanses and softens

• Camphor: cooling and soothing to the skin

• Lavender: calming and restorative agent

• The skin is perfectly cleansed

• Helps to remove Surface build-up

• The complexion appears clear, smooth and bright

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