About us

Who we are?

Ligia began Brazilian Soul Beauty in 2012 with a mission: to bring the beauty secrets of Brazil to London and to make people feel good about themselves!  

Why choosing us?

People come to Brazilian Soul Beauty knowing that the level of care, comfort and quality is second to none. Each of our technicians have been trained to the same exacting professional standards and our services are always delivered with enormous precision and loving attention to detail. We want your manicure, your eyebrow shape, your wax – whatever treatment you receive with us – to not only look wonderful but for the finish to last and, with that, the feeling of being truly pampered. 
 Our customers mean a lot to us, many have been with us for years as they know that our results will always be nothing short of perfect. They also return for the relaxing atmosphere, the warmth and familiarity of our beauty technicians and a feeling of home, where you can exhale and unwind. 

  What treatments do we offer?

We pride ourselves on our wide range of affordable beauty treatments – from our famed Brazilian Soul Manicures to Eminence Organic Skincare facials to waxing. 
 We bring the Brazilian ethos to our manicures and pedicures; they are not simply a quick nail shape and a change of polish, but an intensive, detail-orientated treatment. With hundreds of nail polish shades to choose from, your nails will not only look instagram-perfect, but your cuticles, the condition of your nails, and your hand themselves will all be attended to, making for an all round more holistic experience.
 We apply this same passion across all our treatments, including our waxes. Our customers are assured that any wax they receive with us will be precise, quick and pain-free. Your comfort is paramount.
 Take a look at our full treatment list HERE

What products do we use?

We believe in using only the very best products that are super concentrated (a little goes a long way!), contain only active ingredients, and make a positive difference to your wellbeing. 

 Why shopping with us?

Our online shop is a way for us to stay connected with you all. During these anxiety-ridden times, we want to make sure that you all are safe at home, but we also want to continue serving our customers and ... help you find your glow!

You will find all the products we use in our treatments and also products that would stand out in the professional lines of any Beauty Salon. They are there to suit all your needs. As well as that, we have added something very new and exclusive and created our 'Fun' wear line to bring some joy to your days! Helping the new-normal feel fabulous. 

We hope you like it, and find something that makes you feel beautiful, have fun and create your own style. After all, beauty is exclusively created by our own soul, and our freedom of choice is what makes us unique. Enjoy!