Acne/Blemished /Facial
    Potent organic ingredients work to reduce breakouts, balance oil production and help heal your skin for a healthier complexion. Probiotics remove impurities while Tea Tree and Cucumber cool the skin, soothing inflammation and reducing the frequency and severity of blemishes. When used alongside an Eminence homecare routine, you will see impressive results and understand why these products are in found in our top 10!
    Express Facial Acne/Blemished 35min £45.00
    Classic Facial Acne/Blemished 75min £75.00
    Award-Winning Age Corrective
    One of the most requested treatments this facial utilizes the potent benefits of Natural Retinol Alternative. The effects of this natural retinol alternative are far superior to synthetic retinol in boosting collagen production and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Visible results leave you with a vibrant, more youthful complexion while intense hydration improves the texture of your skin. Correcting the ageing process has never been so natural and effective!
    Express Facial Award Winning Age Corrective 35min £45.00
    Classic Facial Award Winning Age Corrective 75min £75.00
    Eminence Prescriptive Facial
    This facial is the perfect solution as your skincare expert selects the ideal products for your skin, addressing specific concerns and delivering visibly dramatic results every time. This bespoke treatment is just for you! Choose from either the express version or the relaxing version to leave with optimal skin health.
    Express Facial Eminence Prescriptive 35min £40.00
    Classic Facial Eminence Prescriptive 75min £70.00
    Mangosteen Organic Peel
    Utilising our unique Lactic Acid Complex, this effective AHA Peel will leave your skin “baby soft” and glowing with no downtime, irritation or redness. Suitable for all skin types, this gentle but effective fruit acid peel removes the dull, dead top layer of your skin to reveal afresh and healthier complexion underneath. Pore size is reduced along with fine lines and wrinkles, while potent antioxidants fight free radical damage! You will feel and look amazing!
    Classic Facial Mangosteen Organic Peel 75min £85.00
    Vegan Facial
    Eminence is a brand that embodies health from the inside out and outside in! It has by nature always offered vegan-friendly alternatives, let your skincare expert choose from a selection of organically vegan products to visibly improve the texture, tone, radiance and vitality of your skin.
    Vegan Express Facial 35min £50.00
    Vegan Classic Facial 75min £80.00
    Youthful Facial
    Maintain a healthy, youthful, more radiant complexion with potent antioxidant ingredients such as Mangosteen and Stone Crop. See a visible improvement in the texture and radiance of your skin while pore size is reduced, and hydration increased. Brightening Stone Crop gives your skin a healthy glow finished off with our “selfie filter in a bottle” you will have a primer like a complexion without any harsh chemicals or silicone!
    Express Facial  35min £45.00
    Classic Facial  75min £75.00
    Gentlemen's Facial
    Based around the fresh, earthy scent of Stone Crop, this oxygenating facial is super hydrating, calming and soothing. We will gently exfoliate away the dull top layer of skin, exposing fresh new cells for a smoother textured skin. Fine lines are reduced with intense hydration while phytonutrients deeply nourish the skin and calm irritation caused by shaving! Your skin will look and feel at it’s best! *
    Express Facial  35min £45.00
    Classic Facial  75min £75.00
    Skincare Add On
    Blackheads Extractions 30min £20.00
    Diamond Microdermabrasion 15min £15.00