Removing your gel nails at home.

    To begin, you need to file over the top of your gel. This will break the surface and allow the acetone to start penetrating.
    Soak your cotton tissue with acetone.
    Place the cotton over your nail plate and wrap with foil, try to wrap the foil as tight as you can.
    Tip: soak the pad thoroughly; it will make the gel very easy to be removed and make sure you wait for 15 mins.
    Tip: When I remove my gel, I always o one hand at a time. It takes longer, but it's so much easier than trying to work with two foil-wrapped hands.
    Also makes using your phone a lot easier, unless you get the Removal clips.
    After 15 minutes, unwrap one nail. Gently scrape the softened gel off with your tool (spatula). If the gel does not come off quickly, rewrap your nail and give it r more minutes. Once all the gel has been removed, they may feel rough! just buff your nail lightly to smooth and remove any residue from the gel left on.
    Lastly, apply cuticle oil and hand cream. The acetone will dry your skin around your cuticle, so it's essential rehydrating them.

    Enjoy your new skill! x