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    Acne Advanced Clarifying Hydrator

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    This hydration lotion reduces the appearance of oily skin, resulting in a soft, matte finish. Powerful lotus extract works to instantly balance oil production and diminish shine, while time-release encapsulated salicylic acid reduces blemishes and breakouts. In addition, zinc hyaluronate and arbutin help to reduce redness and scarring.

    Apply a thin layer over the entire face and neck and leave on.
    Skin Type / Concern Oily, Acne
    • Encapsulated Salicylic Acid: beta-hydroxy acid - delivers time-release protection against acne breakouts
    • Lotus Extract: a combination of Blue and Sacred Lotus Extracts work to balance sebum production, reduce shine & blemishes
    • Zinc Hyaluronate: encourages skin hydration while improving the appearance of acne-related inflammation
    • Arbutin: natural lightening agent helps to reduce the appearance of acne-related hyperpigmentation and scarring
    • Treats acne while preventing future breakouts
    • Absorbs excess oil for immediate shine reduction
    • Lightens the appearance of acne-related inflammation and scarring
    • Skin is balanced for a more even-looking complexion

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