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    Birch Water Purifying Essence

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    Replenish your skin with a lightweight essence that detoxifies, purifies and restores skin's moisture levels. Purifying birch water combats free-radical damage while botanical collagen restores elasticity and improves barrier function allowing your skin to better absorb and retain subsequent products.

    Size: 120ml

    Shake a few drops into your palm, warm in your hands and gently press into the face. Leave on. Apply after cleansing before your serums and oils.

    Skin Type / Concern All Skin Types

    Birch Water: nutrient-rich to reduce inflammation, purify and hydrate skin; skin is toned and tightened, redness is calmed and skin is fortified from the damaging effects of pollution

    Snow Mushroom: ultra-hydrating, super-humectant pulls moisture into skin to enhance elasticity and improve skin barrier function; promotes cell renewal and aids in natural collagen production for supple, plump skin

    Reishi Mushroom: Contains a high concentration of polysaccharides to enable skin to retain hydration; powerful source of antioxidants to repair and renew skin reducing inflammation, puffiness & signs of free-radical damage

    Botanical Collagen (from Yeast Extract): ultimate moisturiser to help skin retain hydration, promotes blood circulation, improves nutrient absorption and reduces the look of wrinkles; skin appears tighter, firmer and plumper

    Replenishes skin's moisture balance

    Helps prevent free-radical damage

    Visibly minimises redness

    Restores elasticity and rejuvenates for more radiant skin

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